Thursday, September 3, 2015

シトロエン カクタスM コンセプトカー(写真+ビデオ)

Citroen Cactus M Concept Car (Video)

In July 2015, PSA registered "e-Mehari" name copyright.

シトロエン カクタス-Mは、ハイブリッドカクタス生産モデルのプレビューであるかもしれません。
The Citroen Cactus-M might be a preview of Hybrid Cactus production model.

Cactus M is equipped with 1.2L 3 cylinder turbo 110 horsepower gasoline engine and Aisin 6 speed automatic gearbox (EAT6). 

PSA is currently developing a new gasoline engine + electric hybrid powertrain for the next generation of B segment cars.

The Cactus-M Concept car is an hint at future Citroen production model.

Wait & See...


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