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Peugeot-Citroen is developing its own next 4WD 

Current PSA 4WD SUV are produced in Japan by Mitsubishi Motors.

2010年以来、三菱はプジョー4008とシトロエンC4 AirCross 4WDのSUVを日本で生産されてます。(岡崎工場で)
Since 2010, Mitsubishi is producing the Peugeot 4008 and Citroen C4 AirCross 4WD SUV in Japan. (in Okazaki factory)

Mitsubishi Factory & Test Course in Okazaki
PSAの4WDは三菱のASX 4WDのSUVに基づいています。
The PSA 4WD is based on the Mitsubishi ASX 4WD SUV.

However, PSA will be end the Mitsubishi production contract in 2015.

Currently, Peugeot Citroen is developing a 4WD transmission.

PSA new 4WD models will be produced with EMP2 platform.

Until now, 2WD PSA cars equipped with Aisin gearboxes were testing at Toyota city test course.
Aisin Test Course in Toyota City
From January 2015, PSA 4WD cars will be tested at Aisin test course in Hokkaido.(Obihiro city)
Aisin winter Test Course in Hokkaido - Obihiro city
From the end of 2015, new Citroen and Peugeot 4WD Crossover are expected.
Aisin Winter condition Test Course in Hokkaido - Obihiro city
The good thing is, the new PSA 4WD can be sold in Japan.

三菱とPSAとの契約は、”三菱製のPSA 4WD車”が日本で売ることができませんでした。
The contract with Mitsubishi and PSA specified that it could not sell "Mitsubishi produced" PSA 4WD in Japan.

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