Wednesday, August 6, 2014

シトロエン DS 3 カブリオ BENEFIT 限定車 2014年 (UK)

Citroen DS 3 CABRIO BENEFIT Limited Edition 2014 (UK only)

It is 4th time that Citroen UK and Benefit Cosmetic collaborate on a Limited Edition car.

This time it is a DS3 Cabrio Limited Edition.

It is equipped with the 1.6 Litre NA 120 horsepower gasoline engine and 6 speed manual gearbox.

ボディカラーはブラン・バンキスです。屋根の色は黒です。(フクシアカブリオレは生産予定がなさそですね: フクシア DS 3カブリオちらへ
Body color is Blanc Banquise. Roof color is sadly Black (It seems there is no plans for producing Fuchsia DS 3 Cabrio as seen Here)

Side mirror covers and wheels center caps are Fuchsia color.

Price is 18,745 GBP.

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Credit: Citroen Uk DS UK
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