Thursday, March 12, 2015

シトロエン C3 IIIはエアバンプ付き (2017年)

The 2017 Citroen C3 III will be with AirBump

シトロエンC3 IIIのコードネームは、PSA B618です。
The Citroen C3 III Codename is PSA B618.

It will be produced at Slovakia factory. (instead of France)

Production will begins 2016 winter.

新しいC3 IIIはエアバンプが装備されることが期待されています。
The new C3 III is expected to be equipped with the AirBump.

C3 IIIのは、1.2L(EB2)3気筒ガソリンエンジンと電気のハイブリッドシステムを搭載します。

It will be a compact SUV based on EMP1 platform.
C3 III will equipped with 1.2L (EB2) 3 cylinder gasoline engine and electric hybrid system.

The C3 III will not be named C3 as all C series name will lose their current name to get some new names, such as Picasso, Cactus, etc...

What will be the C3 III new name?

Wait & See...

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