Friday, November 9, 2012

シトロエンC4 Aircross 2013 (Citroen 4WD)

シトロエンC4 Aircross三菱4WDと同じプラットフォームである。
The Citroen 4WD C4 Aircross is based on the Mitsubishi 4WD platform.
There are no plans to sell the C4 Aircross in Japan

名前はC4 Aircrossですが、それはDSシリーズの設計詳細の多くを思い出させる。
 Although the name is C4 Aircross, it reminds more of the DS series design details.
Especially the rear light, it is the same as the Citroen DS5.
The color of the car is Brun Garunja. (KDM color code)
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