Friday, July 19, 2013

すべてPSA プジョー シトロエンのガソリンエンジン

Complete List of all petrol engines PSA Peugeot Citroën

TU family
Block TU9
Displacement: 954cm3
Bore: 70 mm
Stroke: 62 mm
TU9: 1.0 45hp (carburetor)
TU9M: 1.0 50hp (single injection)

Block TU1
Displacement: 1124cm3
Bore: 72 mm
Stroke: 69 mm
TU1: 1.1 8v 55hp (carburetor)
TU1M 1.1 8v 60hp (single injection)
TU1JP 1.1 8v 60hp (injection)
TU1A 1.1 8v 60hp (injection)

Block TU2
Displacement: 1294cm3
Bore: 75 mm
Stroke: 73.2 mm
TU24: 1.3 8v 103hp twin dual-barrel carburetor (205 Rallye)
TU2J2: 1.3 (106 Rallye)

Block TU3
Displacement: 1360cm3
Bore: 75 mm
Stroke: 77 mm
TU3: 1.4 8v 65hp (carburetor)
TU3AK: 1.4 8v 70hp (carburetor)
TU3F2K: 1.4 8v 75hp (double-barrel carburetor)
TU3CP: 1.4 8v (carb)
TU3S: 1.4 8v (carb)
TU3M: 1.4 8v 75hp (single injection)
TU3FM: same TU3M with cast iron housing
TU3MC: 1.4 8v (single injection)
TU3J: 1.4 8v (multipoint injection)
TU3A: 1.4 8v 75hp (multipoint injection) Euro4

Block TU5
Displacement: 1587cm3
Bore: 78.5 mm
Stroke: 82 mm
TU5JP: 1.6 8v 90hp
TU5J2: 1.6 8v 105hp
TU5J4: 1.6 16V 118hp
TU5JP4S: 1.6 16V 125hp
TU5JP4: 1.6 16V 110hp

XU family 

Block XU5
Displacement: 1580cm3
Bore: 83 mm
Stroke: 73 mm
XU51C: 1.6 8v 80bhp (carburetor)
XU52C: 1.6 8v 92hp (double carburetor corp)
XU5J: 1.6 8v 105hp (injection)
XU5JA: 1.6 8v 115hp (injection)

Block XU7:
Displacement: 1761cm3
Bore: 83 mm
Stroke: 81.4 mm
XU7JB: 1.8 8v 92cv
XU7JP: 1.8 8v: 103hp
XU7JP4: 1.8 16v 112hp

Block XU8:
Capacity: 1775 cm3
Bore: 83mm
Stroke: 82mm
XU8T: 1.8 16v Turbo 200hp

Block XU9:
Displacement: 1905cm3
Bore: 83 mm
Stroke: 88 mm
XU92C: 1.9 8v 110hp (double-barrel carburetor)
XU9J2: 1.9 8v 125hp
XU9JA: 1.9 8v 130HP
XU9JAZ: 1.9 8v 120hp (catalyst)
XU9J4: 1.9 16V 160hp
XU9M: 1.9 8v
XU9J2Z: 1.9 8v (123ch)
XU9J4Z: 1.9 16v (148 hp)

Block XU10:
Displacement: 1995cm3
Bore: 83 mm
Stroke: 88 mm
XU102C: 2.0 8v (fuel)
XU10M: 2.0 8v (single injection)
XU10J2C: 123ch 2.0 8v (130hp in decaf)
XU10J4R: 2.0 16V 135hp
XU10J4D: 2.0 16V 155hp
XU10J4RS: 2.0 16v 167HP
XU10J2TE: 2.0 8v turbo
XU10J2CTE: 2.0 8v turbo 150hp
XU10J4TE: 2.0 16v turbo 200-220hp

ZP family, PRV V6
Block ZP
Displacement: 2963cm3
Bore: 93 mm
Stroke: 72.6 mm
ZPJ: 2.9 V6 170hp
ZPJ4: 2.9 V6 24v 200hp

EW family

Block EW7
Displacement: 1749cm3
Bore: 82.7 mm
Stroke: 81.4 mm
EW7 D4: 1.8 16v 117 hp
EW7 A: 1.8 16v 125hp Euro4

Block EW10
Displacement: 1997cm3
Bore: 85 mm
Stroke: 88 mm
EW10 J4: 2.0 16v 137 hp
EW10 D: 2.0 HPI 143 hp (direct injection gasoline)
EW10 J4S: 2.0 16v 177 hp (VVT admission) Euro3
EW10 A: 2.0 16v 141 bhp (VVT admission) Euro4

Block EW12
Displacement: 2230cm3
Bore: 86 mm
Stroke: 96 mm
EW12 J4: 2.2 16v 160 hp (VVT admission) Euro3
EW12 E4: 2.2 16v 163 bhp (VVT admission) Euro4

AND the family is composed of a block

Block ET3
Displacement: 1380cm3
Bore: 75 mm
Stroke: 77 mm
ET3J4: 1.4 16v 90hp

ES family

Block SS9
Displacement: 2949cm3
Bore: 87 mm
Stroke: 82.6 mm
SS9 J4: 194 hp V6 24s
SS9 J4 S: 210 hp V6 24s
SS9 A: 211 hp V6 24s Euro4

The EP family (Prince) is the result of cooperation between PSA Peugeot Citroën BMW

Block EP3
Displacement: 1398cm3
Bore: 77 mm
Stroke: 75 mm
EP3: 1.4e 95hp 16v VVT (variable valve timing intake + exhaust variable valve lift) Euro4
EP3C: 1.4e 95hp 16v VVT (variable valve timing intake + exhaust variable valve lift) Euro5

Block EP6
Displacement: 1598cm3
Bore: 77 mm
Stroke: 85.8 mm
EP6: 1.6 VTi 120hp (VVT intake + exhaust variable valve lift) Euro4
EP6C: 1.6 VTi 120hp (VVT intake + exhaust variable valve lift) Euro5
EP6C DTR: 1.6 VTi 100hp
EP6C M: 1.6 VTi 120hp (version "World")
EP6DT: 1.6 THP 16v 150hp (turbo direct injection + TwinScroll) Euro4
EP6DTS: 1.6 THP 16v 175hp (turbo direct injection + TwinScroll) Euro4
EP6CDT: 1.6 THP 16v 156hp (turbo direct injection + TwinScroll) Euro5
EP6CDTM: 1.6 THP 16v 156hp (version "World")
EP6FDTM: 1.6 THP 163hp (turbo direct injection + TwinScroll) Euro5
EP6CDTX: 1.6 THP 16v 200hp (variable valve lift + + turbo direct injection TwinScroll) Euro5
EP6 DT .. .. : 1.6 THP 16v 240hp (variable valve lift + + turbo direct injection TwinScroll) Euro5
EP8FDTM: 1.8 THP 200hp (turbo direct injection + TwinScroll)

EB family next generation of small engine (2012)
Type: 3 cylinder petrol Euro6
IB0 (1.0L): 52kW -
EB2 (1.2L) 60 kilowatts
EB2 DT (1.2 THP 77kW) 2013
EB2 (DTS 1.2 THP 100 kW): 2013
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