Monday, August 26, 2013


Why Citroen Red color are getting darker tone? 

And will there be any Vivid red in the Citroen future?

2010年はシトロエンDS3日本デビュだった。DS3 Chic Debut Serie  ルージュアデン 限定車
In 2010, the first Citroen DS3 were launched in Japan with a limited edition DS3 Chic "Debut Serie" including Rouge Aden body color.  

2012年シトロエンDS3  ルージュ エリトレ
In 2012, the DS3 was available in Rouge Erythree body color (metallic paint) which replaced the rouge Aden. 

2013年フランスのシトロエンDS3  ルージュアデン
In 2013, the Rouge Aden is still available in Europa and Brazil, but not in Japan anymore.

2013年シトロエンDS3 RED UK Edition (ルーフルージュアデンです)
In 2013, there is the DS3 Red UK edition, which has a Rouge Aden color roof, side mirror covers, wheel center caps and dashboard.

2013年シトロエンDS3 ルージュルビ
In 2013, DS3 red color is only available in Rouge Rubi.

これは日本にいつ入りますでしょうか?(1.2L 3気筒 6速RMTギアボックス)
However, the future of Red color might be brighter with the arrival of the new 1.2L 3 cylinder EB Turbocharged engine and new 19" wheels during 2014 (in Japan).

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