Friday, November 7, 2014

シトロエン DS 5 2015年 フェイスリフト ティーザー

DS5 2015 Facelift Teasing Spyshot 

DS 5 2015年フェイスリフトの「スパイショット」。(笑)
A "Spy Shot" from the DS5 2015 facelift. Lol

The DS5 new head light looks similar with DS3 Xenon LED head light style.

The LED square lights appeared first on the Citroen DS Wild Rubi concept car.

新しいDS5は、新しい1.6Lユーロ6エンジンと新アイシン-PSA6速オートマチックギアボックス(EAT6) が装備される予定です。
The new DS5 will be equipped with a new 1.6L Euro 6 engine and the new Aisin-PSA 6 speed automatic gearbox. (EAT6)

Japan bound will be equipped with the new Sachs suspension. (At last!) See about it here.

It is expected to be presented at 2015 Geneva Motor Show.

By the way, the 3 square headlight are not new in Citroen history.

Wait & See...

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