Wednesday, January 23, 2013

VELVシトロエンプジョー電気自動車 VELV Citroen Peugeot Electric City Car

Until now Peugeot Citroen PSA group relied on Mitsubishi cars for its electric cars.

Very soon, PSA will have its original electric cars.

The new electric car is called VELV: (Vehicule Electric Leger de Ville) which means Lightweight City Electric Car.
新しい電気自動車はVELV呼び出される: (Vehicule Electric Leger de Ville))市の軽い電気自動車。

PSA Peugeot Citroen applied 29 patents for this car.

VELV車は他の車部品会社と開発されている: リロイ·ゾマー、ミシュランは、GKN、バレオ、レオニジュース
The Velv car has been deveopped with a consortium of car parts companies such as Michelin,  Leroy-Somer, GKN, Valéo,  Léoni et Saft.

- 4つの車輪
- 2.81メートル長さ
- 700キロの重量
- 20Kw
- 110キロのトップスピード
- 100キロの自治
- 8.5キロワット時のバッテリー

3 seats
4 wheels
2.81m length
700 kg weight
20 Kw electric engine
110 km/h top speed
100 km autonomy
8.5 Kw/H battery
Video presentation below

Peugeot made a VLV in 1941 already!

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