Wednesday, January 23, 2013

ハイブリッドエアーby シトロエン Hybrid Air Technology by Peugeot Citroen

Peugeot Citroen PSA group is France Number 1 patent applicant company every years for 5 years.

For this new "Hybrid Air" innovation, PSA has applied 80 technological Patents.

PSA revealed a new technology that will allow it to push down CO2 to 69kg/km.

This new technology will equip PSA B segment cars (C3, 208) from the year 2016.

The new technology is a Full Time Hybrid Air / PureTech Engine.
新技術は、フルタイム"ハイブリッドエア" / PureTechエンジンです。

The Hybrid Compress air system does not need battery (weight loss) and is very economical.
The Air energy is saved when braking and saved in a 150kj tank (this is equivalent volume of 35 liters of petrol).
It takes 10 seconds to fill it up.
The pressure is up to 250 bars.

In Urban driving mode, an hydraulic engine transmit the stocked energy to the rear wheels.
In motorway driving mode, the new PSA PureTech 3 cylinders (1.2L) engine is in action.
Like on the PSA Hybrid-Diesel cars, it is possible to combine usage of both energy to move the car.

The goal of PSA is to produce cars that will be very petrol efficient with a target of 2L/100 km by 2020. (50km per liter!).

The cars price will be slightly more expensive than current models, but much Eco-friendly than Toyota Prius and Honda Jazz.

The "Hybrid Air" will be presented to the public at Geneva Motor Show in March 2013.

This is truly "Innovative Technology" !
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