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French New Car registration in Japan April 2014 ranking report

April 2014 Japan new French car registration summary.

4月度における外国メーカー車の輸入車新規登録台数は12,915台となり、前 年 同 月
( 16,274台)と比べ20.6%の減少となった。
The number of vehicles produced by foreign manufacturers newly registered in April 2014 was 12,915 units, it is a Decrease of 20.6% compared with the April 2013 (16.274 units).

Sales are down due to the fact that VAT tax was raised from 5% to 8% from April 1st.

One Bugatti has been registered, it is the first one this year. (Yes! Bugatti is a french car! although it is owned by a German company)

Among The French car manufacturers in Japan, Peugeot is the most selling brand in April.

プジョー (Peugeot): 296台  輸入車の1.9% (Import car Market share)
Peugeot sold 296 cars in April, which represents 1.9% market share of imported cars.

Peugeot Best seller in April is the 208. 

Cumulative total since January 2014 is 2,040 Peugeot registered.

ルノー (Renault): 206台  輸入車の1.32% (Import car Market share) 
2014年4月には、日本でルノーのベストセラー車は カンゴオです。
Renault sold 206 new carts which represent 1.32% market share of Japan import cars.
Renault best seller in japan in April 2014 is the Kangoo.

Cumulative total since January 2014 is 1,688 Renault registered.

Citroen sales volume is catastrophic. (What's going on!?)

シトロエン (Citroen): 109台  輸入車の0.70% (Import car Market share)

Citroen sold 109 new cars which represent 0.70% market share of Japan import cars. (oh dear!)
Citroen best seller in japan in April 2014 is the C3.

Cumulative total since January 2014 is 886 Citroen registered.

Oh boy, where are the Citroenistes?

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Credits: JAIA
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