Sunday, May 25, 2014

新形 シトロエン C3 III 2016年はC3 III なりません

New Citroen C3 III 2016 will not be a C3 III

現在のモデルのC3 II (とプジョー208) がパリ近郊、ポワシー工場で生産されています。
Current model C3 II (And Peugeot 208) is produced in Poissy factory, near Paris.

Last week, PSA has announced production of new C3 will be moved to Slovakia factory in 2016.

This is to keep production cost down for Citroen C3 and Peugeot 208.

However, at the same time the C3 will be phase-out by a 3 doors compact SUV equipped with AirBump.
この情報は、私の以前の書き込みをサポートしています。(こちらへ: シトロエンC4 カクタス 3ドア 2015年 デビュー予定)
This information is supporting my previous writing. (See: Citroen C4 Cactus 3 Doors to debut in 2015)

The next generation C3 (Cactus?) will be based on the new EMP1 platform.

What will happen to the Peugeot 208? Most probably Phase out.

Will Poissy factory close down?

In fact another car is being produced at Poissy.

The DS3.

The DS3 is a highly profitable model and it will stay at Poissy production.

DS3 IIの生産は3モデルに増加する予定ですよ。
DS3 II production will be increased to 3 models.

I will write about DS3 next time.

Wait & See...

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