Monday, May 12, 2014

シトロエン DS3の新しいヘッドライト:DSウイングスタイルかどうか?(2014年秋)

Citroen DS3 new headlights: DS Wing styling or not? (Autumn 2014)

As I wrote previously, the DS3 will be a minor update in September 2014.  (Here)

One of them is the headlight.

If it implements a full LED technology like on the new Peugeot 308, what is going to happens to the daylights LED on front bumper?

Finally, will the DS3 be facelift with the DS Wing front grille this year? Probably not yet.

フランスで設計されたの他の2台DS(DS4 & DS5)が突然場違いなになります。
The 2 other DS (DS4 & DS5) designed in France will look out of place suddenly.

Wait & See this summer ;)

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