Wednesday, July 23, 2014

シトロエン C3 XR 2014年冬にデビューします

Citroen C3 XR will debut winter 2014

シトロエンC-XRのコンセプトカーは、C3 XRのSUVとして生成されます。
Citroen C-XR concept car will be produced as the C3 XR SUV.

It is based on EMP1 platform.

Production will start winter 2014 in China only.

C3 XRはDPCAによって生成されます。(東風プジョーシトロエンの合弁会社)
C3 XR is produced by DPCA. (Dongfeng Peugeot Citroen joint venture) 
DPCA is preparing two other Citroen SUV. A small-size and a mid-size.

新しいC4とC5フェイスリフトはC3 XRと同じ顔に見えるのだろうか?
Will the new C4 and C5 facelift looks same face as the C3 XR?

Wait & See...

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