Thursday, June 5, 2014

シトロエンDS 3スポーツシック 2014年 フェイスリフトのボディカラー

Citroen DS 3 Sport Chic 2014 facelift Body Color

Since June 2014, the DS3 has received a minor change.

Visually it implement new headlights and 1 new color.

シトロエンDS3名前は、DS 3となっています。
The Citroen DS3 name has become DS 3 since June 2014.

There is space between DS and 3. (It is also the same for DS 4 and DS 5)

The new Citroen DS 3 phase II 2014 is available in 11 body colors and 4 roof colors.

Blanc Banquise / Bleu Infini 

Blanc Banquise / Gris Moondust

Blanc Perle Nacre / Bleu Infini

Blanc Perle Nacre / Gris Moondust

Bleu Belle ile / Bleu infini

Bleu Belle ile / Gris Moondust

Bleu Encre / Gris Moondust

Gris Aluminium / Bleu infini

Gris Aluminium / Gris Moondust

Gris Shark / Bleu infini

Brun Hickory / Gris Moondust

Noir Perla Nera / Bleu infini

Noir Perla Nera / Gris Moondust

Rouge Rubi / Gris Moondust

Whisper / Gris Moondust

シトロエン DS3 2013 カラーコード DS3 2013 Color Code is HERE.

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