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French New Cars registration Japan December 2013 ranking report

December 2013 Japan new French car registration summary.

Imported car new registration number of foreign car manufacturers in December has become more and 32,061 units, it is representing an increase of 16.6% as compared to the same month a year ago (27,485 units). 

In addition, the cumulative total since January 2013 in at 280,540 units
It is an increase of 16.1% compared to the  the same period of the previous year (241,563 units).

Among french car manufacturers in Japan, Peugeot is the most selling brand.

プジョー (Peugeot): 651台  輸入車の1.83% / Import car Market share (2013年売り上げ 5,970台 / 2013 cumulative since January)
Peugeot best seller in japan in December 2013 is the 208.

ルノー (Renault): 466台 輸入車の 1.31% / Import car Market share  (2013年売り上げ 3,771台/  2013 cumulative since January)
Renault best seller in japan in December 2013 is the Kangoo.

シトロエン (Citroen): 322台  輸入車の0.90% / Import car Market share (2013年売り上げ 2,947台/  2013 cumulative since January)
Citroen best seller in japan in December 2013 is the C3.

ブガッティ (Bugatti): 0台 輸入車の 0% / Import car Market share  (2013年売り上げ 3台/  2013 cumulative since January)

ルノートラック (Renault Truck): 0台 輸入車の 0% / Import car Market share  (2013年売り上げ 1台/  2013 cumulative since January)



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